TX Legislature Won’t Revisit Bathroom Bill

The Texas legislature is back in session and lawmakers will not be revisiting the controversial “Bathroom Bill,” according to the Texas Tribune.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick confirmed at a Wednesday morning press conference that lawmakers were moving on from the bill, which sought to require that transgender men and women use public restroom facilities corresponding to the gender identity listed on their birth certificates. It also sought to bar Texas school districts from citing anti-discrimination policies in order to allow transgender students to use restrooms corresponding with their gender identity.

While the bill received heavy debate and attention in 2017, it never reached the Governor’s desk.

Patrick was a major proponent of the bill.  Though he conceded the measure did not become law, he said he feels supporters “won” on the issue.

“When you win the battle, you don’t have to fight the battle again,” Patrick said. “I think it’s been settled, and I think we’ve won.”

Read the full story at the Texas Tribune.


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