SHARS Summer Time Reminders from TASB Special Education Solutions

Congratulations on surviving another school year! With all of the things on your plate, it’s pretty clear everyone is super busy.  No surprise there.  Before you finalize the year and roll forward on your student data, it is important you also consider closing out your School Health and Related Services program.

The top tasks to keep on your radar this summer include:

  • Checking your revalidation date to stay active in SHARS
  • Ensuring compliance with the time study training requirement as it will be strictly enforced going forward – two people need to be trained in every district
  • Reminding staff to document services and sessions provided
  • Take a snapshot of the services and supports your students were given in the 2021-22 school year in both your Special Education software and your Student Information system (excel is preferable)
  • Confirming you have received your 2019 SHARS settlement
  • Plan for training in the upcoming year for your staff

This information was covered in detail during a recent edition of TASB’s quarterly e-newsletter, SHARS Matters, and during the April 2021 session of our monthly SHARS webinar series. There is also an end of year checklist available to help you think through all of the end of year details.

The team at ED311 and the crew at TASB Special Education Solutions hopes you have a great summer and get to enjoy some much deserved time off. If your school district participates in the School Health and Related Services (SHARS) program, keep in mind that SHARS never takes a day off, and so there may be some SHARS related tasks your district may need to complete during the summer months. The TASB team is here and happy to help.

To stay up-to-date on all things SHARS, sign up for SHARS Matters and register for the monthly webinars on the TASB Special Education Solutions website. In addition, if you have any SHARS related questions or issues the TASB team of experts can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-888-630-6606. With over 100 years collective experience in SHARS and special education, there’s not a lot they haven’t seen, so feel free to reach out to them if you need assistance with anything SHARS related.

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