Why Education Is The Most Important Revolution Of Our Time

Learning is something people, like other animals, do whenever our eyes are open. Education, though, is uniquely human, and right now it’s at an unusual point of flux.

By some accounts, education is a ripe for disruption. Others see it as almost a sacred pursuit — a means of nurturing developing minds while preserving tradition. Around the world, education means equal rights and opportunity. People risk their lives for it every day.

No matter what you think you know about education, what’s clear right now is that the old blueprints are out the window. The economy isn’t creating jobs the way it once did. Technology has forever altered how we communicate and has challenged the meaning of knowledge itself. The cost of college has risen more than any other good or service in the U.S. economy since 1978. There’s increasing evidence that qualities like creativity, communication, collaboration and persistence matter most, yet our school system remains pegged to

Education has to become something more than regurgitating the past. But what?


Written by Anya Kamenetz at NPR.org

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