A plea to put creativity back in American education. But was it there in the first place?

Bob Fecho, a University of Georgia professor in the Language and Literacy Education Department, and Stephanie Jones, a UGA associate professor in the Department of Educational Theory and Practice, sent me a passionate piece about the standardization of education and the need to restore creativity to the classroom.

When you read it, I want you to keep a few questions in mind:

Was school ever an effervescent hub of creativity? Schools seem far more open to creative teaching and learning today. A generation ago, few schools featured hands-on or expeditionary learning. Schools expected kids to sit in their seats and listen to teachers talking and talking. If parents walked into a classroom then and saw kids talking in small groups or out of their seats, they would have assumed the teacher was absent or incompetent. Today’s classrooms are much livelier places with multiple activities, many of which are student-led.


WRITTEN BY Maureen Downey at AJC.com

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