Bring on the Education Spring: Lessons from Austin

Are we on the verge of the “Education Spring”?

Impassioned school superintendent and author John Kuhn, who works in the Perrin-Whitt district in Texas, raised this question on March 1, the first day of the Network for Public Education’s (NPE) inaugural annual conference.  As soon as Kuhn uttered the words “Education Spring,” a noticeable ripple went through the University of Texas-Austin auditorium where he was speaking. This politically charged phrase, in fact, seemed to give the crowd something electric and powerful to hold onto, as they thought more about what they were doing at this conference, and what they could do to preserve, defend, protect, and improve public education in our country…

Read more at Twin Cities Daily Planet.

Check out John Kuhn’s book Test-and-Punish: How the Texas Education Model Gave America Accountability without Equity.

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