Ways to Help During Hurricane Harvey

All of us at Legal Digest and Ed311 send our heartfelt prayers out to all of our friends and colleagues across our home state of Texas who have been and are being affected by Hurricane Harvey.
For over 30 years, we have worked with each and every community in Texas to bring resources to public educators, and we know so many in the coastal regions of Texas who are reeling from the brunt of this storm.
We encourage all Texans to do what they can to help aid the relief efforts, and to that end we’d like to share a few resources and suggestions below.
Red Cross Texas: You can make a donation to the Red Cross, which is currently on the ground assisting those affected by the storm.
Global Giving: This fundraising site has launched an initiative to support disaster relief efforts in Texas.
Texas Monthly: For ideas on ways you can directly support food banks, animal shelters, emergency shelter, and other causes in your community of choice, we recommend this article from Texas Monthly.
Again, our thoughts are with all Texans affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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