Pro Public Education Part 1

Early voting is in full swing, and March 3rd is fast approaching for those of us who like to stand in line with hundreds of our closest friends. There’s big stuff happening, and voting is important. But we aren’t here to tell you who to vote for, of course.

What we would like to provide, however, are a couple of links to some useful data about public education funding and the legislators in Texas who truly support that funding so that your vote is an informed one.

Texans for Public Education is a non-partisan group that compiles data about state representatives and senators and how they vote on public education funding. They label these men and women as friendly, unfriendly, or neutral towards public education and financially supporting it.

Project Educo is an organization with a more complex mission, but it also provides handy data analysis and graphics. Their “scorecards” can help the average Texan determine if the person on their ballot has the kind of public education track record that they’d like to see continued in the next session.

Again, just like the two organizations named above, ED311 isn’t partisan nor are we going to tell you who to vote for. However, we all know that one thing public education needs is more support—both financially and in the form of legislators who know the importance of the work happening in districts across the state, legislators who want to push an agenda that is pro public education, legislators that we would all like to see in the 87th legislative session.

There are so many ways to find political differences among ourselves these days, but voting for people who support public education is one thing we might all agree on.

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