Pro Public Education Part 2

This week we’d like to bring you two additional resources prior to Super Tuesday. We at ED311 do not publicly support any particular candidate or party, but we heartily encourage you to vote, and we especially hope you’ll vote for people who are pro public education and who can prove it. The following organizations may provide you with new information about the candidates in your part of Texas who are vying for a seat at the state capitol and their positions on public education funding and policy.

Texas Parent PAC is a bipartisan political action committee. It seeks to identify and support candidates that align with its guiding principles and pro public education values, and its manpower is entirely volunteer. Parent members and a board of directors exhaustively research and interview all candidates for the Texas Legislature during each election cycle. They then select candidates for public endorsement and support those campaigns.  Texas Parent PAC’s endorsements for 2020 are right on their homepage, and they support candidates in both primaries.

The Raise Your Hand Texas Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting public education through investment, program initiatives, and pro public education policy. Raise Your Hand Texas hosted forums and town hall meetings with the 2020 legislative candidates all throughout our great state of Texas. Videos of these forums and town halls are available online and can be seen here. They held over 40 of these events during February, questioning the candidates on public education issues and their stances on related policy.

Happy Voting! Here’s to some long lines on Super Tuesday!

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