One Minute Music Video for Restorative Practices!

We’re so pleased to share this fantastic new music video for the song “One Minute” by Mark Medley, which features our Restorative Practices trainers from NEDRP.

This song is a testament to the challenges many students in our schools are facing, as well as a testament to the fact that the traditional means of responding to students who are struggling in schools are not working. We are proud to provide educators in Texas and beyond with a multitude of training opportunities on Restorative Practices, because we truly believe in the approach, and we support the current revolution catching on in schools that brings these practices to the forefront of the classrooms serving children who can benefit greatly from being heard.

We hope you will take a moment to watch the video, and for more information on our upcoming Restorative Practices trainings, including our National Educators for Restorative Practices Conference this fall, visit our events page!


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