North Texas School District Asks Mom to Prove Her Child is Jewish

A school district in Dallas, Texas is under fire after a parent told a local TV news station that she was asked to provide a note from her “religious establishment” to excuse her child from missing school on Yom Kippur, according to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

The parent, Lauren Gordon, said the Garland Independent School District asked her for such documentation after she submitted a note to excuse her child from missing school on the Jewish holiday. She told CBS Channel 11, “That response basically told me that they didn’t believe that we were Jewish. That they needed proof. Honestly, it upset me just as much as it made me angry.”

Gordon also reported that school officials apologized to her afterward, but that other parents had reached out to her on social media to say that had experienced the same response.

Read the full story on the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

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