Making MTSS/RTI Data Simple

Universal screening data, PLC data, formative data, summative data, benchmark data, diagnostic data, CBM data.  Schools have become very proficient in gathering as much data as possible.  This is a good thing.  But does everyone always know what to do with all of these numbers?  The vast amount of all of this data, all of the spreadsheets with hundreds of rows and dozens of columns . . . are we making the best use out of all this information?  And is there a way to keep it simple so we don’t drown in it?

In short, yes!  Of course, we can.  We just might need a little guidance from the MTSS/RTI guru herself, Dr. Andrea Ogonosky.  Her new webinar training Making MTSS/RTI Data Simple walks us through easy, efficient, and effective ways to collect and analyze data so that we can make strong, informed decisions for our students.

Whether you’re new to the team or a seasoned leader, this training offers fresh strategies for measuring student baselines and documenting progress within all three tiers of instruction and support.  From what to look for when you’re analyzing trend data, to identifying at-risk students, to intensifying and individualizing data to meet student needs.  Dr. Ogonosky also breaks down progress monitoring and shows us the two best ways to keep the process simple: graphing data trends (ROI analysis) and percent non-overlapping data (PND), and she tells us exactly how much data we actually need to make sound decisions.

And the best part?  Data might be dull but Andrea Ogonosky isn’t.  She shares her trademark anecdotes and sound advice throughout the two hour training, entertaining us with her candor and humor while we learn.  This online , on-demand webinar training is a must for you and your RTI team.

To learn more about Making MTSS/RTI Data Simple, click here.

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