Group Issues Updated Childhood COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations

The Vaccine Equity Cooperative Kids Vaccine Working Group created a set of detailed recommendations to ensure all children, especially those who are underserved, receive equitable access to the COVID-19 vaccine. These action steps can lay the foundation for a stronger, more equitable pandemic response and public health infrastructure.

The Vaccine Equity Cooperative facilitated a diverse working group of subject matter experts which produced a set of detailed recommendations for the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccines to children ages 5-11 years old.

The recommendations were shared with leaders from a number of federal agencies to positive feedback, and are reflected in many places within the 5-11 year old rollout plan outlined by the White House in late October. Top recommendations include:

  • Offer vaccine distribution options that serve all racial and ethnic populations, income levels, and prayer types.
  • Leverage the core role that schools play in the lives of families and communities in the vaccination effort – for disseminating information about vaccines and delivering vaccines. Schools are also important to bridge access gaps for underserved communities who lack a medical home.
  • Increase support for public health departments at all levels.
  • Maximize the use of the national vaccine effort, Vaccines for Children.
  • Reimburse and incentivize vaccine counseling.
  • Enable a “No Wrong Door” approach to ensure whole families are vaccinated – provides vaccinations for caregivers and siblings in 5 to 11-grade vaccine rollouts.

The recommendations are aimed at ensuring a comprehensive and equitable rollout of childhood COVID-19 vaccinations. The full set of recommendations can be downloaded HERE.

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