Dallas-Area Teacher Sues District for LGBTQ Discrimination

A Dallas-based teacher is suing the Mansfield Independent School District for discrimination following a sequence of events that led to her being put on leave and transferred to another district last fall.

Stacy Bailey, an art teacher at Charlotte Anderson Elementary School in Arlington, claims that last fall she showed her students photographs of herself and her now-wife, Julie Vasquez. The photos showed the couple dressed up in Finding Nemo costumes for Halloween. Shortly after, Ms. Bailey’s school received complaints from parents who claimed that she was “pushing a homosexual agenda” and showing students inappropriate photos.

According to a lawsuit filed by Ms. Bailey, she was subsequently approached by her principal who, despite telling her he did not believe she had done anything wrong, also said that district leadership wanted her to resign. Ms. Bailey refused and was put on leave.

In her lawsuit, Ms. Bailey is seeking a trial and asking to be reinstated in her position. She is also asking for the district to acknowledge wrong doing.

Read the full story in the New York Times.

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