The Reboot: School Operations in an Unpredictable World

Best-selling author and renowned education consultant Sean Cain wowed us all last Monday during his webinar The Reboot: School Operations in an Unpredictable World. Sean’s presentation was part of the bonus content for Education Law for Principals, and it was jam-packed with concrete ideas and practical suggestions for the impending re-opening of school campuses in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Sean addressed all aspects of managing students and staff throughout the school day with an unflinching focus on mitigating exposure and contagion.

Sean asserts that all schools must change their operating procedures and the behaviors of all individuals on campus, and he explains that behavioral change is the only viable strategy for success during a respiratory pandemic.  By changing any number of individual and group behaviors, we improve our odds of staying safe and healthy.  Those behaviors include student schedules, student groupings, and student mobility.  Those are BIG changes, but Sean has multiple suggestions and creative ideas supported by logical and examples.

Is it possible to change everything about how a school operates?  Yes, it is.  And not only is it possible, but Sean tells us that it is imperative.  The good news is that he has many great ideas, and we encourage you to take the ones that will work for you and your campus.  By Sean’s own admission, “You don’t have to do everything…but you have to do something.”

Other suggestions from The Reboot include daily health screenings, classroom hygiene procedures, and deconstructed classrooms, and we are told exactly how to accomplish these things quickly and easily.  There are solutions for breakfast and lunch, recess and PE, and even ideas about how to backfill missing content from April and May.

Sean also reminds us to focus on the Big Picture, and he shows us how to align the different pieces together with a variety of strategies and solutions for minimizing contagion exposure.  It’s an enormous undertaking, but Sean has a working solution for every aspect of school day operations. Look for his newest book coming in just a few weeks!  The Reboot: Schools in the Mass Disaster Era will contain everything from the webinar plus a look at the science that informed Sean’s thinking and further creative solutions with more in-depth explanations.

Can’t wait till The Reboot: Schools in the Mass Disaster Era comes out this summer?  Pre-order The Classroom Playbook: The Power of a Common Scope and Sequence for a step-by-step, explicit how-to guide for implementing a common scope and sequence on your school campus to elevate student academic performance.  Copies of Sean Cain’s and Mike Laird’s newest book will begin shipping before the end of June.

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