All administrators will find this book to be a valuable resource, but it is especially designed for brand-new administrators. Coming from the classroom into a role that holds high expectations and many responsibilities may be invigorating, yet overwhelming and confusing. If you are a new or aspiring administrator, take the time to learn what it means to be a successful and effective campus leader, and strive to understand all that your school district expects.
This nontechnical, straightforward book is divided into three parts: Leading through Teaching and Learning, Leading through Data-Driven Decisions, and Leading with Vigilance. In the first part, three chapters focus on how campus leaders must be grounded in instruction and curriculum. The second part of the book, “Leading through Data-Driven Decisions,” centers on accountability, finance, and partnerships. The last part of the book, “Leading with Vigilance,” focuses on keeping a school safe and secure, plus a final chapter of tips on leading a campus.