Apps Provide Anonymous Safety and Bullying Reporting Systems

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. 

To address bullying and other safety concerns on campus, schools are turning to apps that allow for anonymous reporting.  One such app is Anonymous Alerts. Once a student downloads the app, they are given a user ID. This allows the student to make a report.  The app will then automatically filter the content so that terms, such as guns or shooting, are given higher priority. The report stays anonymous, but if a student is named in the report, the student and their parents may be contacted.

KXAN News recently reported that the Texas School for the Deaf has implemented the app.   According to the Anonymous Alert’s website, the app brings Texas school districts into 100 percent compliance with David’s Law, the comprehensive bullying legislation enacted as Senate Bill 179, and effecting September 1, 2017.

For more about this reporting app, check out their website at

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