What We’re Watching in This Year’s Legislative Session

On April 14th, Amy Foster of Eichelbaum Wardell Hansen Powell & Muñoz, P.C. delivered a very interesting presentation: What We’re Watching in This Year’s Legislative Session.  A self-proclaimed politics and policy nerd, Amy hit the highlights of some 181 bills that have been filed during the 87th session that directly concern special education.  

These highlights include:

  • Budget (Specifically, a concern over whether COVID relief money will be used to supplement existing funds or supplant existing funds.)  HB 1525
  • Documentation During COVID School Closures  HB144
  • Discipline and Restraints  HB 1163, HB 785, SB 414
  • Accessible Playgrounds  HB 24
  • State Assessments  HB 3668
  • Dyslexia  HB3880
  • Statute of Limitations  HB 1252
  • Advocacy and Representation  HB 749, HB 3687
  • Broadband Access  SB 5

To read more about the bills listed above, click here.  

There is a lot at stake, and though we can happily anticipate that some legislation will positively impact public schools in Texas, there are some bills that carry varying degrees of concern (to put it mildly).  To learn more, you can still register for the Spring Webinar Series on Special Education Law and access last week’s webinar by clicking here.  You can also subscribe and listen to the TASB Talks podcast and/or sign up for the TASB Legislative Report, a free email update on the happenings within our legislature that impact public education.  

We have voices and we need to use them.  To find out who in the Texas legislature represents you and your school district, click here.  Then contact them directly (their phone number and email are right there on their webpage) and inform them why you support (or do not support) a particular bill and provide specific examples of how it would impact children and families in your school district.  That information is powerful and can sway our representatives.

Power to the People.

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