The CPIR Issues Resource on Assistive Technology

The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) serves parent centers who serve families of children with disabilities. Its website provides:

  • Family-friendly information and research-based materials on key topics for Parent Centers
  • Private workspaces for Parent Centers to exchange resources, discuss high-priority topics, and solve mutual challenges
  • Coordination of parent training efforts throughout the network
  • A twice-monthly e-newsletter with key topics, new resources, upcoming events, and materials to share with families
  • Materials from Parent Centers themselves
  • CPIR-produced databases specifically designed for Parent Center staff.

The Center for Parent Information and Resources’ new page on assistive technology provides a wealth of parent-friendly information, in English and Spanish, to empower families and youth when considering assistive technology in education and daily living. The page includes links to checklists and a printable publication that guides the user through how to consider assistive technology in the IEP process.

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