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Get the whole set of these handy school law reference guides and stay up to date on the laws that affect your district responsibilities and save $85 off purchasing them individually.  All charts and guide have been updated in 2019!

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Product Type: 5 Charts, 9 Laminated Guides
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  • Texas School District Construction and Maintenance Planning Chart

  • Short-term Disciplinary Options Chart

  • Expulsion Chart

  • Disciplinary Alternative Education Programs (DAEP) Chart

  • Discipline Procedures for Students with Disabilities Chart

  • Sexual Harassment Guide

  • Student Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Guide

  • Special Education Time Line Guide

  • Employee Leave of Absence Guide

  • Probationary Contract Guide

  • Term Contract Guide

  • LGBTQ Students on Your Campus: What are their rights?

  • Bullying and Cyberbullying Guide

  • Texas Educators' Ethics and Professional Conduct Guide

ED311 is committed to keeping educators informed about the legal issues that impact day-to-day school administration.  In 2019, the Texas Legislature met and made a host of changes to the laws that shape the way educators handle school discipline, improper relationships between educators and students, bullying and cyberbullying, special education, and personnel matters.  Every day presents a new challenge, and potential legal issues on our campuses.  Education laws are often lengthy and complex.  Given this complexity, ED311 has developed a number of helpful, easy-to-read guides, charts, and handbooks to provide educators the tools they need to understand Texas and federal school laws.  Each of our guides, charts have been updated to reflect the latest changes made during the 2019 Texas legislative session.  We are confident that these tools will help school administrators make legally-defensible decisions at the school level that, not only comply with the law, but preserve order and public trust in our schools.

The Complete Set has changed since the last editions of charts and guides in 2017.  We have added two new guides that we think you will find valuable additions to the set.  We have removed a few charts and guides that we will no longer be updating.  These will remain available for purchase individually while inventory lasts and as long as the law contained in them is still relevant.

New Guides:
Bullying and Cyberbullying
Texas Educators' Ethics and Professional Conduct

Discontinued Charts and Guides:
Religion on Campus
Texas Educators' Civil Liability
Continuing Contract
Reduction in Force