Classroom Circles: A Toolkit for Building Relationships and Strengthening School Communities (Pre-Order)


The new book will be the go-to reference for educators implementing circles in their classrooms.  Pre-order now and get the book as soon as it’s printed in November!

 Author(s): John J. Whalen, Contributions from Denise "Circle Mamma"
Product Type: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-947753-06-8
# of Pages: 250
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The importance of building authentic relationships within the classroom has become an urgent priority for many schools.  The Classroom Circle is a dynamic structure for building relationships and strengthening school communities.  John Whalen, a district Restorative Practices Coordinator and a lead trainer for National Educators for Restorative Practices, shares why we circle, the different types of Classroom Circles, the components of Classroom Circles, and most importantly, tips and strategies for facilitating circles inside of the classroom.  Experience real stories from real educators.  Denise Holliday-Jones, also known as Circle Mamma, adds her insights and spirit in-between each chapter with a powerful diary entry.  Also included in the book are 20 sample circle scripts and circle building tools.

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