For as Long as the Wi-Fi Holds Up

We are almost five months into the pandemic here in Texas, and we are all pretty surprised by how many changes have transpired in people’s lives and livelihoods.  Unfortunately, some of these changes may stick around for longer than most of us would like.  Schools, for instance.   Many districts in Texas will begin this school year online, and many may need to stay online for up to eight weeks, the current allowance they have received from TEA, though those timelines are certainly subject to change.

At ED311 we, too, are existing online for the time being.  Luckily, the wonders of the internet literally provide us a space to continue our work, pushing webinars and new eBooks out into the ether.  We successfully morphed both the Spring Conference on Special Education Law and the Conference on Education Law for Principals into virtual events, and our annual Back to School Workshop with The Law Dawg Jim Walsh is locked and loaded for its online launch in September.  We have hosted several live webinars with Dr. Andrea Ogonosky about supporting students during this time and their transition back to school, virtual or otherwise.  We have worked with Sean Cain on exciting new content about re-opening schools smartly and safely during the pandemic (available both as a book and a webinar training).  Now we are busy creating additional RtI webinars, and we are also working with TASB on an Effective Documentation of Teachers webinar series to support the Texas Documentation Handbook.

The beauty of webinars is that we can serve anyone, anywhere, at any time.  While in-person events will always be our preferred way to work with both our presenters and the school personnel we serve, we can’t deny that the blanket accessibility provided by webinars is a powerful game-changer for all of us.  Our live webinars are always recorded and available to all registrants post-broadcast, a convenience that an in-person training just can’t offer.

We will continue to provide our catalog of training virtually via webinars, but we are also excited to continue to adapt to the changing needs of the school leaders we serve.  If you have suggestions or special requests for content, please contact us and share them here.  As you enter the new school year and face its myriad of changes and challenges, remember that we are here to help you as you work to support students throughout Texas.  Our In-District Training offerings can all be customized to any campus or district’s unique needs, and we will continue to provide our catalog of workshops, conferences, and published products for as long as our wi-fi holds up.

Stay safe and strong!

The ED311 Team

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