Updated Edition of Bestseller!

How do you deal with high-maintenance parents who never seem happy with the job you are doing?

Emotionally charged, often disgruntled, and occasionally abusive parents–sound familiar? The second edition of Elaine McEwan’s bestselling classic will help you manage your most difficult audience, adding several new features and examples that will give you the confidence and skills you need to handle such situations, including:

Over two dozen strategies-enhanced and updated-to defuse emotionally charged parents
An updated, easy-to-administer Healthy School Checklist to determine if your school’s culture encourages parents or pushes them over the edge
Fifty Ways to build parental support for your school
Ten Goals-at-a-Glance to help keep your school-community relations on target
A built-in facilitator guide–ideal for book groups and staff development, including energizers, suggestions for role-playing, think-alouds, and questions for reflection and discussion
Every educator will find invaluable strategies for handling angry and unresponsive parents and the critical issues that cause misunderstandings. Following McEwan’s seven steps of effective problem-solving will help with quick solutions while creating a nurturing, healthy school environment. And in today’s schools and a NCLB environment, developing a supportive parent-community relationship is essential to everyone’s success.