IEP and Section 504 Team Meetings.. and the Law is for people who want to be confident about the laws so they can work for better schools and get back to the mission of educating ALL students.
…The little law book that explains the requirements that educators, parents and officials need to know-in plain English!

IEP and Section 504 TEAM Meetings…and the Law is full of practical guidance for educators and parents-

The purpose of each of these meetings
The TEAM’s job-and what its job is NOT!
Differences and similarities between these types of meetings under these laws
Good practices for all TEAMS…and practices to avoid

You will learn how to-

handle the legal requirements for TEAM meetings under the IDEA and Section 504.
know and immediately apply practical steps to run and participate in effective TEAM meetings.
build positive relationships between school and home so all participants work toward better educational outcomes.
work with confidence with students, parents, and colleagues.
Miriam Kurtzig Freedman works with professionals around the country, helping them understand the legal requirements of their work. She acts as a bridge between educators and the law. Her popular presentations are practical, informative, fun, and in plain English.