Frank Kemerer and John Crain have completed the sixth edition of their well-known Texas Documentation Handbook. The new edition accommodates recent developments affecting employment decision making including the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS). Whether the goal is performance improvement or preparing for a negative employment decision, the sixth edition provides an indispensable guide for all school administrators on how to go about documenting both professional and auxiliary employee job performance effectively.

As with previous editions, the forthcoming sixth edition is desktop friendly in providing up-to-date information and numerous examples and illustrations of how to go about documenting. These include:

An overview of the current Texas legal framework within which employee documentation takes place
Basic principles and examples for documenting employee job performance effectively whether in or out of the classroom
How to tailor supervisory style to teacher characteristics and administrator goals
Revised focused observation forms for easily gathering cumulative data in the classroom of the marginally effective teacher and doing so in a way that is compatible with T-TESS or the district or charter school’s locally developed appraisal system
Sample directives for changing teacher behavior, organized by key components of teaching effectiveness with with more than 70 teacher behaviors linked to more than 90 student outcomes.
Discussion of professional communication including social networking through digital devices
Appendices containing the Code of Ethics for Texas Educators, documentation forms, and templates ready for use
Digital link for downloading the documentation forms and templates in the appendices ready for use