Special Education 2.0: Breaking Taboos to Build a NEW Education Law


This courageous book encourages readers to break out of the “special education reform” mold to embrace a new way of approaching special education. Instead of merely recommending fixes and tweaks for the current system—that have already been tried without success—Special Education 2.0 dares to propose an innovative, second generation law for all students, in both general and special education. Specifically, it proposes “Five Directions” that create a dynamic blueprint for a new inclusive and optimistic law for all students.

Readers are invited to join the national conversation and to think BIG – without the taboos that thwart innovation. Together, let us ask—WHAT IF?

 Author(s): Miriam Kurtizig Freedman, JD, MA
Product Type: Paperback
ISBN: 9780692782392
# of Pages: 204


This book targets those of us — in public education and in Washington — who believe that we can do far better for all students—general and special education—than current laws allow.  It highlights challenges that schools, educators, parents, and students face in today’s dysfunctional 40-year-old special education system and proposes NEW taboo-shattering (yet common sense) directions for the next-generation law.

This little book packs a hell of a punch. I predict that readers will be alternately amazed, slack-jawed, angry, and optimistic about the future of public education—if we are smart enough to take the advice of a real expert, Miriam Freedman, and work together to make education special for all students. Special Education 2.0 is common-sense thinking at its best.

— John Merrow, former education correspondent for PBS NewsHour and founding president of Learning Matters, Inc.

Miriam Freedman is a seed planter of ideas. If you are among the thousands of educators and parents who believe we can do better for our students with disabilities, I highly recommend reading Special Education 2.0 so that you see her vision and perhaps even become part of its transformation.

— Steven R. Sandoval, PhD, executive director, special services, Westminster Public Schools, CO and 2016 Honoree, Education Week Leaders to Learn From

No one will agree with every idea in this courageous, tabooshattering book. But as a conversation-starter, it’s exactly what we need: a call to re-imagine special and general education from top to bottom, rather than remain boxed-in by the past. Let the debate begin!

— Michael J. Petrilli, president, Thomas B. Fordham Institute

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