Religion on Campus Chart


13th Edition – Updated in 2017.

This chart will no longer be updated or part of the Complete School Law Reference Set.

 Author(s): Frank Kemerer, Professor Emeritus, University of North Texas and Jennifer Childress, Texas School Adminstrators' Legal Digest
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ISBN: 978-1-947753-00-6
# of Pages: 12
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This edition of this comprehensive fold-out chart outlines current law in the volatile religion area as it relates to the public school campus. Sets forth federal and state laws relating to religion and schools, and references relevant judicial decisions. Included are public and private prayers at school and at extracurricular and athletic events, posting of religious mottos in classrooms, meeting of religious organizations at school, student and teacher involvement in religious activities on campus, the role of religion in holiday programs, student papers and presentations on religious subjects, the Equal Access Act, the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, religious-based exemptions for parents and students, and much more.

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