Children must learn executive function (EF) during the early years because they provide the foundational skills required for learning and development. In particular, EF skills help children develop their natural curiosity to pursue interest in science, technology, engineering and math (known as STEM) and engage in STEM activities. This reference guide will provide tools and techniques to help Pre-K to Kindergarten children pursue STEM-focused thinking and learning while strengthening their EF. It proposes three thematic frameworks –– Cognitive World, Literacy World and Emotional World.

This tri-fold laminated reference guide is a valuable desk reference for teachers working in early childhood settings. It uses three children’s books as a basis for creative, math and science-oriented activities.

Padmaja P. Sarathy is an educational consultant with extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of special education and early childhood education. As an author of multiple books on special education topics, she speaks and trains at international, national and regional conferences. Driven by an intense commitment to help students with autism to be successful in the education setting and attain desirable long-term outcomes, Padmaja has been guiding educators on positive interventions integrated with innovative instructional techniques.

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