Survive – and Thrive – During Your First Years of Teaching!
In Survival Guide for New Teachers: How to Become a Professional, Effective, and Successful Teacher, Trujillo-Jenks gives practical advice on all the essentials for growing into the role as an educator and earning future teaching contracts. Topics include:

Preparing for teacher evaluations
What to do when placed on a teacher growth plan
The relationship between ethics, confidentiality, and documentation
Blending teaching tenets, critical thinking, and different levels of thinking into the teaching style
Complying with mandates regarding special populations
The ins and outs of relationships with colleagues
Involving parents and the community and obtaining donated supplies and services
Steps for writing a discipline referral
Sample action plan for various types of crises
Handling conflicts with difficult parents and achieving win-win outcomes
In this vital resource, you’ll also find:

A Q&A section with answers to questions you may not be comfortable asking, from whether to eat in the teachers’ lounge to precautions about using social media
A detailed chart with descriptions, qualifications, and what you must know about many special programs, from ESL and special education to alternative education placements and higher education programs
An appendix containing the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) regulations for handy reference